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It's been a while.........

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Aug. 6th, 2007 | 01:49 pm

Ok, I'm looking at the last entry in my journal, and it's April 24th. I haven't been on here for four months. That sucks. A good friend has withdrawn from lj, and I've got almost no way to get hold of her..

I went to WOCS, "failed" the PT test and got set back two weeks, and then on June 1st, I got sent home because of medical issues. Those issues have since been resolved. I go back to Fort Rucker on January 15th and graduate February 20th.

In the meantime, I got transferred from the 311th Theater Signal Command to the 398th Finance Group, which is transitioning into the 398th Finance Management Center. These people really need me, and there's a lot of my type of work to be done. I'm very happy, and they're kind of shocked that I'm not running the other way. It's going to be a *LOT* of work, and I'm hoping my civilian job will understand. Most times, it's going to be extra weekends, so that's good...Ellen will understand.

I'm kicking myself to exercise more, and I'm getting some good mentoring about leadership, so that when I do go back to WOCS, I can 'play the game', until I graduate and come back to the REAL world... school is TRADOC and TRADOC has about as much to do with the real Army (or Army Reserve) as Paris Hilton has to do with being a nun.

Meanwhile, on the civilian job side, I finally got fed up to here with being treated like a 1st year comp sci student by Craig, after having been treated like a drone by Steve for the first 6 months of this job. Brad doesn't really care, and when Craig left, and all of his tasks went to Saul...so I knew what time it was then. Time to say "thank you Brad for confirming my decision to leave this place". I got a new job and turned in my notice. This coming Friday is my last day with American Systems, and then I start working in Crystal City with Applied Solutions, Inc. http://www.appliedsolutions.com/
It seems like a good job, and though I'll be concentrating on Oracle instead of SQL Server, I'm not getting completely away from SQL Server.

I'm a little anxious, but eagerly anticipating the new job. I just hope they're understanding about the military stuff....

I'm really looking forward to this Los Angeles trip... I'll get a lot of good information about my role in the activities we're doing next June for AT. I'll also get a lot of good information about my role in garrison....

Just need to get through these next four months, and anticipate going back to WOCS. All will be well as of March 1st...

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